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Shenzhen Quanhong electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-precision double-sided, multi-layer circuit board and aluminum substrate. The factory is located in the complex and difficult allegro, sample and small and medium batch one-stop service, to help customers create more value. Quanhong electronics has a full set of the world's advanced level of PCB production and testing equipment, products are widely used in communications, communications, digital products, industrial control, electronics, power, computers, medical equipment, instrumentation, national defense, aerospace and other high-tech electronic fields. Main products include 1-40 layers Rigid circuit Board, HDI, Rigid- Flex Board, aluminum substrate. It involves thick copper plate, super thick plate, impedance, buried blind hole, rigid-flexible combination, metal base (core), disc hole, sunk nickel palladium plate, multiple pressing, mixed material pressing, etc.

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  Our company was founded in Huizhou, Guangdong province in August 2009. Mainly to sample, small and medium-sized batch. With accurate market positioning, stable production capacity, customer-oriented service concept and excellent corporate culture, the company has been developing steadily and has become a rising star in PCB industry. Factory area of 4000 square meters, more than 150 people, monthly production of more than 3000 products, and has a very stable delivery and quality assurance. Products cover HDI, thick copper, back drilling board, rigid flexible combination, buried capacity and buried resistance, FPC, HLC, metal base, ceramic base, IC carrier board, MINI LED and other types of printed circuit boards, to meet the needs of customers.

  In 2012, due to the continuous development of customers and technological innovation, the delivery time, follow-up service guarantee and transportation cost are put forward higher requirements. Company successively increases the new automatic electroplating production line, automatic sink copper wire, AOI optical detector, high-speed fly needle machine, high pressure circuit testing machine, ultrasonic grinding plate line, developing machine, exposure machine, CNC drilling machine, automatic cutting machine, CNC automatic V - CUT machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, automatic machine, automatic machine and so on has the industry's advanced level of production equipment. It can meet customers' demand of special PCB such as medium and large quantity, high precision double-sided, multi-layer and impedance, blind buried hole and thick copper plate.

  In 2012 due to the increase of old and new customers in order to ensure supply adequate, the company relocated to shenzhen shajing factory, and at the same time the company has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, UL certification, make further enhance our service and quality, won the general customers the consistent high praise, and provides customers with faster, more efficient, more excellent service. Products are widely used in communication equipment, industrial control, power electronics, medical instruments, security electronics, aerospace and defense industries and other high-tech fields, 80% of the products are exported to America, Europe, Asia (except China) and other countries and regions, BOSCH, EMERSON, Schneider and other fortune 500 customers recognition.

In order to meet the needs of customers for urgent PCB sample making, the efficiency of PCB allegro of our PCB board factory has been upgraded, and the 12-hour PCB allegro service is more powerful! Single/double panel: normal delivery period of 2~3 days, 12 or 24 hours of urgent processing. Shenzhen Quanhong electronics commitment: conventional process PCB allegro the fastest 12 hours delivery. Welcome new and old customers to inquire.

  Over the years, the company has been the "credibility first, quality oriented, hard service, excellence, continuous improvement, efficient saving, factory as home" for the policy. The company has formed an elite team to create a first-class enterprise and shape a first-class culture, and is committed to becoming a high-quality supplier of high-quality PCB products in the world.
Professional production technology, professional management team, create the spirit of hard work, quanhong electronics in the printed circuit board (PCB) industry to go further, more brilliant.

Quanhong FASTPCB Quanhong FASTPCB Quanhong FASTPCB Quanhong FASTPCB Quanhong FASTPCB
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Trading Company



Brands : FASTPCB

No. of Employees : 100~200

Annual Sales : 12000000-15000000

Year Established : 2007

Export p.c : 30% - 40%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

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