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8Layer HDI PCB Prototype Board Fabrication Service Green 6mil
  • 8Layer HDI PCB Prototype Board Fabrication Service Green 6mil
  • 8Layer HDI PCB Prototype Board Fabrication Service Green 6mil

8Layer HDI PCB Prototype Board Fabrication Service Green 6mil

Place of Origin China
Brand Name HF
Certification ISO CE
Model Number PCBA
Product Details
Base Material:
FR4 ,Rogers , Aluminum ,Hight TG
Layer Count:
Board Thickness:
Copper Thickness:
Solder Color:
Green, Yellow,white, Blue,black,red
Silkscreen Color:
Surface Finishing:
HASL(lead Free) / Immersion Gold /osp / Immersion Tin/Immersion Silver
One-stop Turnkey Service,One Stop Turnkey Service,PCBA
FR4 ,Rogers , Aluminum ,High TG,CEM1, CEM3, Halogen Free
Layer Coun:
Solder Mask Color:
Green, Yellow,white, Blue,black,red
OEM/ODM/PCB/Components Sourcing/Assembly/Programming/Testing...One-stop Turnkey Service.
100% AOI, X-ray, Flying Probe Test.
High Light: 

8Layer pcb prototype board


6mil pcb prototype board


HDI pcb fabrication service

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
High quality carton packing, high quality vacuum packing,
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
Ten thousand square meters per month
Product Description

Green 8 Layer HDI 6mil PCB Printed Circuit Board Assembly Design 




1 High precision prototype PCB bulk production


1-28 layers 2 layers
3 3mil 6mil
4 0.15mm 0.1mm
5 Aspect Ration≤13:1 Aspect Ration≤13:1
6 2 layers:0.2mm;4 layers:0.35mm;6 layers:0.55mm;8 layers:0.7mm;10 layers:0.9mm 2 layers
7 Immersion Gold:Au,1—8u”
Gold finger:Au,1—150u”
Gold Plated:Au,1—150u”
Nickel Plated :50—500u”
Gold Plated:Au,1—150u”
8 Board thickness≤1.0mm:+/-0.1mm
1.0mm<Board thickness≤2.0mm:+/-10%
Board thickness>2.0mm:+/-8%
1.0mm<Board thickness≤2.0mm:+/-10%
9 ≤100mm:+/-0.1mm
100< ≤300mm:+/-0.15mm
10 ±10% ±10%


Surface mount technology (SMT) assembly process

Compared to the through-hole mounting process, the surface mounting process stands out

in terms of manufacturing efficiency because it has a fully automated mounting PCB

assembly process from solder paste printing, picking and placing, and reflow

?Step 1: solder paste printing - apply solder paste to the plate by solder paste

printing machine.The template ensures that the solder paste is left in the correct

position of the mounting element. Also known as the template or solder screen.Since

the quality of solder paste printing is directly related to solder quality, PCBA

manufacturers who specialize in high quality products usually conduct inspections

after solder paste printing by solder paste inspectors.This inspection ensures that

the printing has met regulations and standards.If a defect is found in the solder

paste printing, it must be reprinted or the solder paste must be washed off before the

second printing.
?Step 2: Assembly Installation -- After coming out of the paste press, the PCB will be

automatically sent to the mount machine where the component or IC will be mounted on

the appropriate pad to resist the tension of the paste.The components are mounted on

the PCB board through a component reel in the machine.Similar to the film reel, the

component reel carrying the component rotates to supply the part to the machine, which

will quickly adhere the part to the plate.
?Step 3: Reflow Soldering - After placing each element, the board passes through a 23

'long furnace.A temperature of 500°F will liquefy the solder paste.Now, the SMD

components are firmly bound to the board.
Hybrid technology
With the development of modern science and technology, electronic products become more

and more complex, driving complex, integrated and smaller size PCB board.PCBA with

only one type of component is almost impossible to participate in.
Most boards come with through-hole components and SMD components, which require a

collaboration of through-hole and surface-mount technologies.However, welding is a

complex process that tends to be affected by too many elements.Therefore, it is very

important to better arrange the sequence of through-hole technology and surface-mount

PCBA using hybrid technology should be performed under the following conditions:
?Single-sided Mixed Components: Single-sided Mixed Components conform to the following

manufacturing procedures: Note: When only a small number of THT components are

required in such components, hand soldering may be used instead of wave soldering.
?Single-sided SMT and Single-sided THT: Note - this type of PCB assembly procedure is

not recommended as adhesives can add to the total cost of PCBA and may cause some

soldering problems.
?Double-sided mixed assembly: In terms of the double-sided mixed assembly method,

there are two options: PCBA with adhesive and PCBA without use.The use of adhesives

increases the total cost of PCB assembly.Moreover, in this PCBA process, heating must

be done three times, which often leads to inefficiency.
Based on the comparison between the mixed assembly procedures described above, it can

be concluded that manual welding is suitable for PCB assembly, which requires many

components on both sides, with more SMD components than THT components.Therefore, wave

soldering is recommended when a small number of THT elements are required.
PCB assembly has to go through such a complex and technical process that many elements

must be carefully considered, and minor modifications can lead to huge changes in cost

and product quality.The description of the PCB assembly process in this article

centers only on typical PCBA programs and techniques.The actual manufacturing process

is largely dependent on the design document and the specific requirements of the

customer.Therefore, how to evaluate a reliable PCB assembler becomes a key issue that

customers must consider before placing a PCBA order.

8Layer HDI PCB Prototype Board Fabrication Service Green 6mil 0


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We are Ping you headquarter and factory.


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Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality,Miced samles are acceptable.


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Depends which area you are located in,Every conuntries are different.


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First, please send us your logo flie in high resolution, We will make some drafts for

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Yes,We can,please kindly contact with your agent in advance and us detailed address.


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Will check all the products before delivery,Please kindly provide the pictures or

video and send back to china or our local agent,After they checking,will replace new

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